My Old World Movie Night at NoMad Las Vegas

This Strip hotel isn't a secret, but it's a juicy hotel tale to divulge

A peek at the Old World splendor inside NoMad Las Vegas.

I had one night to absorb all the Old World, retro-magnificence of Nomad Las Vegas. It was a hotel experience for the ages. Literally.

The NoMad Las Vegas is not a secret but its existence isn’t exactly common knowledge. This upscale boutique setting, with sister properties in Manhattan and Los Angeles, is a hotel-within-a-hotel. NoMad’s 293 rooms are located on the top four floors of the central Strip’s Park MGM (formerly Monte Carlo).

NoMad Las Vegas has a private entrance, registration desk and an exclusive elevator. The red awning over the outdoor private entrance is there for all to see. If you’re not looking for it, though, you’ll be distracted by the Park MGM porte-cochère or the massive T-Mobile Arena just across the street.

The hotel’s unshared indoor check-in area is purposefully darkened, creating a hushed, reverential feel. Hallways that lead to the hotel’s private elevator are barely illuminated by chandelier-esque lights that project uneven, slivered beams of light.

This back-of-the-castle ambiance heightens my sense of arrival.   

The NoMad Las Vegas Grande Suite

A Nomad Grande Suite living room.

I can’t pinpoint what captures my attention first when the heavy wood door to my room swings open. Multiple décor touches compete. Oak hardwood flooring. A pristine Persian rug under the couch. The mahogany writing desk. Scores of framed artwork and photographs.

The mini-bar is lined with etched glassware. Even the ice bucket is made of clear glass. A tall canister of Pringles and other snacks stand proudly next to this elegant collection of Champagne coupes and drinking glasses.

Eight different NoMad room styles range from a 400-square-foot Classic King to my 700-square-foot Grande Suite to the Suite Royal Premiere. That 2,000-square-foot pied-à-terre sleeps six and includes a full-size billiard table.

An upscale, European, residential vibe exists in all room grades. Let’s call it “quelle surprise relaxed chic.”

My Grande Suite has two separate bathroom areas. The first, off the living room, is a freestanding water closet. Just for doing business.

The bathroom off the bedroom area is grand. Bathroom amenities include a walk-in shower with Carrara marble mosaic tiles and a vanity table and stool in front of an adjustable three-sided mirror. You can smile and see how happy you are to be here from a trio of angles.  

There’s a Bathtub Next to the Bed

Go all Trumbo in a NoMad bedroom bathtub.

Yes, next to the king-size bed is a freestanding pedestal tub.

I can’t imagine every traveler would be a fan of this pairing, but I’m over the moon about it.

The white porcelain tub, which comes with a stainless steel tray table across the center, conjure up images of Trumbo. The movie featured Brian Cranston as title character Dalton Trumbo. He’s a McCarthy-era blacklisted screenwriter who stays prolific by writing under a pen name while doing all his typing in a full bathtub.

Man, I could go full Trumbo in this NoMad tub.

Other facets of the room also lead my imagination into flights of fancy. The low-slung bed is stately. It calls me back to the scene in Titanic where Jack sketches Rose in her first-class ocean liner stateroom. Recall she’s nude in that steamy segment, save for the Hope Diamond slung on a gold chain around her neck.

And, scene.

Cut to an inspection of the mahogany writing desk in the living room area. I find it’s stocked with a couple pages of stationery and envelopes that’ve been personalized with my name. Hmm.

Since the introduction of email, my letter writing practice has slipped to…nil. Still, personalized stationery tempts me to transport into Ernest Hemmingway mode. I ponder about penning a heart-wrenchingly introspective missive to my Marlene Dietrich.

NoMad’s personalized stationery.

Staying In

My plan for the night had originally called for hanging in this room for a brief stint. After all, the poker tables at nearby ARIA Resort & Casino awaited.

Maybe it was partly because I’d stayed out too late the previous night. Regardless, this Old World time machine of a room beckoned for me to stay in after dinner.

I opt to post up on in the bed, fitted with custom, womb-comfy Bellino linens. After mixing myself a classy vodka and Sierra Mist in an etched drinking glass, I clicked into the in-room movies on the TV.

Tom Hanks’ Western period drama News of the World seemed fitting. A story of Old West wanderings is not exactly Old World. But the movie’s journey-within-a-journey plot fits the experience perfectly here at an unexpectedly novel Las Vegas hotel-within-a-hotel.  J&J


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  1. This post makes me truly miss sleeping on hotels and the like. Since the pandemic, we are just stuck at home and sometimes you dream of going to places other than your home.

  2. Love this post and so need to get away some time soon and Vegas may be the perfect fit! Love this Old World Movie Night idea!

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