Shamroc Peterson: Adding Diversity to the Travel Show Landscape produces content aimed at inspiring people of color to travel the United States.

Travel show host Shamroc Peterson on a shoot.
Shamroc Peterson chats with Junkets & Jaunts in downtown San Diego.

Shamroc Peterson looked around the TV ecosystem of lifestyle programming and realized, “There’s not a lot of people of color like me in front of the camera.”

Through the video company he founded four years ago, and the travel shows he hosts and produces, Peterson plans to change that.

Broad-shouldered, amiable and with a distinctive black ponytail, Peterson has long been a memorable figure within San Diego media circles. He spent eight years as a segment producer for KUSI-TV.  

“My background is as a producer,” he says. “Being a producer, you understand all the elements of a shoot. I was always directing traffic at the TV station.”

But Peterson has always been a big-personality guy.

“My style is to grab you and get you in there,” he says. “My style is me. I’ve always been expressive. People always advise me to be me. If I ever hold back and don’t wave my arms, that’s not me.”

Peterson’s company is It’s a streaming television network that produces content aimed at inspiring people of color to travel the United States.

In 2020, look for Peterson’s Show Me Where program to appear on multiple streaming networks. Earlier versions of the show are currently available on YouTube.

A guy named Shamroc Peterson

Peterson is pumped up about travel shows.

The name might lead you think there’s Irish in his blood. Nope. Peterson says his mom is Native American and his dad is black. And the origin story of his first name?

“My parents wanted to have a baby and they got lucky,” he says. “That’s it.”

He’s not keen on talking about his personal life, but says this about his family: “I grew up in Virginia and had family in California. Every summer, my parents drove the length of the country on vacations. We also had family in Texas and Oklahoma—where my parents were from—so we made pit stops.”

Along the way, Peterson was able to see most of the United States. At least 47 of the 50 states, he recalls.

Those trips are at the root of who he is and why he started

“Those experiences as a child are the anchor of why it’s important for me to have all people—and people of color—see the beauty of the United States. I don’t care what the political climate is. The roots and foundations of the U.S. are what excites me.

“I want people to know there is a beauty to Virginia, to New York, to Miami, or wherever. And there also are so many places in between the major cities that have stories to tell.” on the grow

One of’s destinations: Catalina Island. is still in growth mode—though there is already an ample supply of tightly edited, exhilarating videos on the site that show Peterson having fun in destinations such as Catalina Island, Las Vegas, Palm Springs, Sonoma Valley, Portland, Oregon, and other spots.

“Our content is simple,” he says. “It’s snackable, edible content. Most of our videos are a little over a minute long. Some are up to 10 minutes. The videos are primarily in the travel space. We also do restaurants, hotels, cars.”

Peterson wants the videos to move people to make decisions. “Yes, we try to move viewers into the moment, he says. “It’s generally not over-the-top content. We want to show people things they can really do themselves.”

The inclusivity aspect of isn’t overt, nor is it preachy. The premise is simple: Here are some places you can make travel memories, as demonstrated by an on-camera host who looks like Peterson.  

Stay tuned for more Show Me WhereJ&J

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