Ask the locals: What to do in Baltimore, San Diego

Destination guides.

“Ask the locals” is almost always the best way to get a true beat on a city. That’s the approach used in the following Destination Guides (created by Junkets And Jaunts editor Ron Donoho for Granite Media’s outstanding site Far And Wide). Click on the links below to get the full story.


Baltimore is for crabs.

This historic harbor town is where the Star Spangled-Banner was born; home to the NFL Ravens and MLB Orioles; and a folksy place where neighborhood groups are always ready to sit down to a beer-imbued feast of Chesapeake Bay blue crabs.

Be prepared for your restaurant server to call you “hon”–it’s a time-honored term of endearment offered equally to all genders. To read more about the best live music scenes, where to get cool cocktails and the hottest cups of joe, click here: BALTIMORE DESTINATION GUIDE.


It’s always a happy hour in San Diego.

Next time the national news indicates an event occurred in a Southern California city “North of the Mexican border” or “South of Los Angeles” realize that the reference is probably tied to sunny, laid-back San Diego.

Just know that the city’s restaurant scene is on a steady climb, many a Broadway show tests its legs here first and that every July, the Comic-Con convention makes downtown San Diego the nerd capital of the world. For more, click here: SAN DIEGO DESTINATION GUIDE. J&J