Shave The Date: Movember at Kimpton in San Diego

Raising money for men's health initiatives and having a good time doing it at Kimpton hotels

Getting psyched up to Shave The Date for Movember at Kimpton Solamar Hotel. (Photos by Chandler Donoho)
Kimpton Solamar Hotel.

November brings out sweater weather, Thanksgiving turkeys and Movember mustaches. This year—following up on a dozen years doing Movember fundraisers—I’ll be grooming my hairy upper lip in the upbeat and upscale hotel setting delivered by Kimpton Hotels.

After 15 years in existence, the public has become plenty familiar with Movember. It’s the international fundraising effort for men’s health initiatives, including prostate and testicular cancer. Men grow mustaches to visually solicit donations to the cause. To become an official Mo Bro, on November 1 (known as “Shave The Date”) participants shave clean and then grow hair above their upper lip for 30 days.

Note: Ladies and facial-hair challenged men are more than welcome to participate in team-oriented fundraising activities.    

Since 2015, Kimpton hotels in San Diego have participated in a Movember campaign called #FlashYourStache. Here’s how those programs work:

Kimpton Solamar Hotel. During November, mention “mustache” at check-in and post a picture on Instagram using hashtag #flashyourstashe. Tag @hotelsolamar. Then prepare to quench your thirst with a complimentary flight of local craft beers and a beer mug at the hotel’s JSix restaurant.

Kimpton Hotel Palomar San Diego. During Movember, mention “mustache” or “I mustache you a question” at check-in and receive one of the following (based on availability): a complimentary room upgrade, a $15 food-and-beverage credit or a waived resort fee.

Why Movember?

Cheers to “Shave the Date.”

Going to the doctor or discussing health issues aren’t high on the priority list of most men. Generally, guys avoid the annual check-up and address issues only when things get serious. The average lifespan of men is six years less than women.

The primary focus of the Movember Foundation is awareness and funding for research regarding prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health and suicide prevention.

Facts: In the United States, testicular cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in young men; one in nine men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime; three out of four suicides are men.

The mustache as banner for the cause came about as a bit of a fluke. A group of friends in Australia wanted to created a theme for an annual party. They all grew mustaches, and the party was a hit. When it started to grow in popularity, they attached it to a charity.

Today, the mustache isn’t just a symbol for men’s health—it’s a conversation starter. More than 5 million men have grown mustaches for the cause. Around the world, Movember has raised more than $600 million.

If you’d like to contribute to the cause via my Mo Space page, go here: DONATE.

Baywatchers and the Shave The Date Guy at Brews & Boos.


All month, my Mo and I will be hanging at the San Diego Kimptons. Funny story: I’ll be doing Shave The Date in one of the suites at Solamar. So I went up to the Upper East rooftop bar to shoot promotional photos…and the “Brews & Boos” Halloween party happened to be going on.

Wearing a robe and with a face full of shaving cream, I posed for shots at the bar. A guy dressed head to toe in neon yellow walked by, pointed at me and noted, “Great costume, dude! Love the commitment!”


Stop by all month for updates on the Movember scene, to see what’s happening at Kimpton and to follow the growth of my Mo. The stache is saltier and less peppery than years past—but it’s still full of flavor.