J&J editor Ron Donoho.

Street-level travel stories are what interest me. What does that mean? Every destination has it’s must-see sights, and you ought to check them out. Along the way, though, every traveler encounters people and has experiential interactions with the locals. That’s where JUNKETS & JAUNTS stories fit into the travel landscape.

The dictionary serves up two definitions of a junket. The first: a dish of sweetened and flavored curds of milk, often served with fruit. Eh? Most of us are more familiar with the secondary definition: attend or go on a trip or celebration at public expense.

Defining a jaunt is easy: a short excursion or journey for pleasure.

I’ve been going on junkets (not on public expense) and jaunts for two decades. My resumes includes leisure travel stories published in San Diego Magazine, Westways, Hemispheres,,, and business-travel pieces for Successful Meetings.

JUNKETS & JAUNTS is a passion project. I’ve been an editor and a writer in the travel category and many other publishing niches. Presented here are travel stories about places as well as the people who live in those locales. Would-be travelers want to know where to stay, where to eat and what the latest attractions may be. Along the way, human beings cross your path. That’s part of the narrative you’ll find in J&J stories.

Please enjoy the trip,